Our Philosophy

Albert Rademacher, the founder of Silhouette Modellbahnzubehör, developed and implemented the first ideas for the production of high-quality landscaping material through his then-design office in 1983. The starting point was the consideration that the railway models are becoming ever more detailed and high-quality, the corresponding design of the landscape but could not keep up with this development. Over the years a high-quality assortment of trees, shrubs and bushes, mats, flowers and other plants has been developed for all seasons.

Even today the level of the overall range is unrivaled in many areas, even though other, especially smaller manufacturers, have also developed trees and landscaping materials. Thus, e.g. The blade plant for the production of laubbumes is unrivaled in its realistic appearance and is also used by other manufacturers gladly.Since the takeover of the company Silhouette after the early death of Mr. Rademacher is to continue his thoughts and philosophy and also new products in this Senses.

By means of well-known model railway operators, which commission plants, such as Hermann Brandl or Willy Kosak with his magazine HP1, the model railway's claim to the realistic design of not only the vehicle models but also the true-to-nature reproduction of the flora has increased enormously. Since all products are handmade in Germany, our products also have their price. The cost of production consists to a large extent of working wages. Our quality production by long-term employees and the location Germany have their price. Under the continuation of the well-known assortment, we will continually develop news and complement and expand the program. Our goal was, is and remains, to offer the highest quality and most extensive landscaping range available on the market.

We would like to thank all customers who have supported these ideas with their loyalty to Silhouette and who have realized that a realistic landscape, whether it be on a model railroad or in diorama construction or other areas, is just as important as a highly detailed locomotive or car model.

The Board